Leadership Assessments:

Every hire has the potential to

change a company’s trajectory

Employee Assessments help you hire right - every time.

TAIS gives you x-ray vision into the person across the desk. Use John Harper's leadership assessment tools to hire the right person for the job every time.

Leadership Assessment Tools Build Authentic Leaders

Strong leaders are not born. They are transformed into self-aware, elite performers. Learn more about John Harper's leadership assessment tools to make sure you have an efficient selection process.

John Harper Testimonials:
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Read how incredible people in the right roles have led to peak performing teams and higher margins.

Talent assessment:

What if you could hire right, the first time - every time?

Picture it. The right people strategically positioned in roles meant for them. Agile teams working in alignment, collaboratively and creatively. Senior leadership crushing performance goals.


Not to mention what it would mean to the bottom line. If you could predict an individual’s performance, you would avoid the crippling cost of a bad hire, which can easily be $100,000 or more. That’s per “wrong choice”.


“Have you ever hired someone and two or three months later, you wondered if it was the same person you interviewed? I did, many times - until I met John Harper. Not only does he save us tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating hiring the wrong person for the job, his guidance in getting the most out of our people has paid off beyond our expectations.”

Mike Shasky, President

C.W. Shasky & Associates Ltd.

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The Companies We Keep