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See leaders, team members and candidates from all sides with Birkman psychometric assessment

People don’t realize the impact they have on others - otherwise known as Emotional Intelligence. While most consider themselves to be normal, others may be questioning their actions. They may be wondering, “Why is she like that?” or “I don’t understand his decision.” This discourse can have a profound impact on a person’s ability to lead and interact in a dynamic team, and hinder the development of an energized, evolving company culture.


Using The Birkman Method® psychometric assessment, John Harper can create multi-dimensional portraits of individuals to help them truly understand who they are, and why they behave the way they do. When people see themselves from this perspective, they understand how their actions affect others, and are better equipped to foster healthier relationships and adapt to ever-changing workplace dynamics. It’s a game-changer for a person’s self-awareness and ultimately their emotional intelligence. In today’s climate, EI is a greater predictor for success than IQ.

What is the Birkman Method employee evaluation?

The Birkman Method is a science-based employee evaluation that measures many aspects of personality including:

  • Interests – These are “styles” or “lens” and cognitive filters that individuals use to operate and understand others and situations both in professional and personal life

  • Usual Behaviour – The individual’s effective and productive behavioral style for tasks and relationships

  • Needs – How the individual needs or expects to be treated by other people, and their needs within their environment

  • Stress Behaviour – The person’s ineffective and unproductive behavioral style when that person’s needs are unmet​

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Develop effective, inspiring leaders with psychometric assessments​

Are your leaders motivational, inspirational and tuned-in to what your teams need from them? Birkman psychometric assessment can help them:

  • Understand their motivators, behaviors and blind spots

  • Recognize how they’re perceived by others

  • Know what they need to do to increase their effectiveness

  • Better connect with others and maintain positive, productive relationships

Build resilient, thriving teams with Birkman employee testing

Teams are by nature made up of different personalities, which can be exciting and productive, but also lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Birkman helps to:

  • Avoid underlying causes of stress that deter productivity and performance

  • Highlight individual strengths and cultivate respect for each team member

  • Understand what team members need to be successful

  • Shape a culture of understanding and inclusion, encouraging individuality and collaboration

Hire smart with valuable insights from Birkman pre-employee skill tests

Finding people who are in tune with your corporate culture can be an exhaustive and expensive process. With Birkman pre-employee skill tests, you can:

  • Identify the career interests and natural strengths of each candidate

  • Determine whether tasks and responsibilities align with a candidates’ occupational interests and motivators

  • Understand if a candidate’s personality is suited for the position

  • Prevent future conflict by understanding differences upfront

The core of performance lies in understanding oneself

With the Birkman Method® psychometric assessments, John Harper can help individuals see their true selves, understand how their behavioural traits impact those they work with, and allow them to realize their inner potential.

John brings refreshing insight into how and why each of us acts and reacts the way we do so we can understand how our styles and traits impact those around us. While intuitively everyone should know who they are, having that independent perspective was central in helping to develop our leadership team, and the ways we work together, as well as how we lead and mentor our own teams.

Karen Brown, Chief Administration Officer

City of Kenora

Learn how The Birkman Method can help you understand yourself and the people around you.
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