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The Korn Ferry 360 assessment cracks the code in transforming corporate leaders

Strong, effective leadership is vital in helping organizations engage their people, unlock potential, increase retention and experience unprecedented growth. But what makes a leader, manager, supervisor, or C-Suite executive excel in their respective roles? What separates success from derailment? What is the ideal mix of  traits that add up to superior, high-performance leadership? John Harper can use the 360 assessment to analyze your leadership team and recruits. Submit your information today for a free consultation. 


The Korn Ferry 360 Assessment:

Unlock the full potential and power of extraordinary leaders

Korn Ferry 360 is a state-of-the-art leadership assessment process that combines Korn Ferry’s world-class competency intellectual property to provide in-depth feedback reports for outstanding insights.

Underpinned by the Korn Ferry Leadership Architect (KFLA) - the world’s most robust and highly validated comprehensive competency model - Korn Ferry 360 allows the configuration of content to be precisely targeted by industry, strategy, and leadership level (C-suite executives, VP, Supervisor, Director and Manager) to help organizations develop their leaders.


There are two distinctively different models to choose from:

Competency Model: 
  • 38 competencies are broken down into four categories to demonstrate a person’s competencies to identify strengths, opportunities for improvement and potential development needs. The categories are:

    • THOUGHT - understanding the business, making complex decisions, strategic mindset

    • RESULTS - taking initiative, managing execution, focusing on performance

    • PEOPLE - building collaborative relationships, optimizing diverse talent, influencing people

    • SELF - authenticity, demonstrating self-awareness, flexibility, managing ambiguity

  • To enhance these competencies, Korn Ferry is also set up to measure ten STALLERS and STOPPERS, which are paramount to Leadership Performance and can be considered harmful behavioural factors

  • Competencies measure how a leader:

    • Manages complexity

    • Values Differences

    • Drives Engagement

    • Manages Ambiguity

    • Demonstrates Courage

Behavioural Model: 
  • Underlying behaviours are measured such as:

  • Pushes team or others to take action on new challenges

  • Hires people who demonstrate long-term organizational fit and sustained contribution

  • Focus others on driving continuous improvement in quality outcomes

  • Maintains honesty and authenticity and encourages others to do the same

  • Is trusted to represent or protect the interests of others fairly


  • Options include Korn Ferry’s proprietary behaviourally anchored rating scale that asks raters to assess against very specific behaviours, and an effectiveness scale that asks raters to assess the individual’s effectiveness with specific behaviours

To request a free Korn Ferry 360 Assessment or ask questions about "hiring right EVERY TIME" or leadership team development, contact John Harper today.

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Korn Ferry 360 Reports brings leaders’ attributes into microscopic focus

No other assessment tool dissects the traits of leaders like Korn Ferry 360. Participants receive a detailed, comprehensive 65-page report that is clear, understandable and offers prescriptive recommendations for improvement.


  • Clearly see highest and lowest competencies or identify career stallers and stoppers that may be harmful to success at work

  • Make full use of the importance data to focus on the competencies that will provide the maximum return on development efforts

  • Gain deep insights with analysis of each competency or staller/stopper with information on skill, potential overuse, blind spots and hidden strengths all in one place

  • View each reader group’s perspective with an indication of the consistency of agreement within those groups

  • Allow a participant to revisit thoughts and ideas from their feedback sessions with room for notes

  • Inform coaching conversations and kick-start crucial development process with focused development guidance that can be integrated into the report


See Sample Report


A licensed Korn Ferry 360 consultant, John Harper is ready to transform your leaders to be the best they can be and boldly take your company into the future.

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