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A behavioural interview reveals a person’s true nature and can predict on-the-job performance

Interview performance and job performance are two very different things. Interviews are essentially artificial social situations in which candidates are asked to present the best version of themselves, all while pretending to be themselves.  

But what you see on the surface or even skin deep is most likely “Impression Management.” It is NOT the core of a person’s personality, attitude or abilities - all top predictors of a new hire’s success or failure.  John Harper has behavioural interviewing experience that can help you find the right candidate for the job. Contact John Harper today for a free consultation. 

Why use psychometric assessments?

Safe interview questions get manufactured answers that don’t tell the whole story. Candidates are prepared for traditional interview questions about their experience and skill sets. But a psychometric assessment will reveal powerful insights that show you what’s really behind the veneer.


A behavioural interview with John Harper can validate the candidate's strengths - but more importantly, it will dig deep into the attributes that can:


  • potentially cause less-than-optimal performance

  • clearly identify error patterns

  • reveal a candidate's perception of “high performance”

  • evaluate just how successful the candidate will be in the applied-for position

Listen and observe in a behavioural interview conducted by John Harper

John Harper is known for his analytical approach to structuring a behavioural interview that reveals the true individual behind the interview presence. He asks the hard questions - and knows how to interpret the answers. 

By allowing John to take a lead role in the interview process, you’ll be free to observe reactions, gauge responses and make an informed opinion on how a prospective employee will interact with other team members or fit within your corporate culture.

When combined with psychometric tests such as T.A.I.S., Birkman Assessments, and Hogan Assessments, Harper’s interviewing process will deliver better insights and fit predictors than a traditional interview ever will, providing you with the detailed knowledge you need to sign on strong performers who will fuel ongoing corporate success.

"Great teams are made when every single member knows where they’re going and will do anything to get there. Great teams are not created with incentives, procedures and perks. They are created by hiring talented people who are adults and want nothing more than to tackle a challenge, and then communicating to them, clearly and continuously about what the challenge is. And for me it starts with John Harper."


“Having an ‘outsider’ at the table when making hiring decisions really helped the business. We got away from the bias to pick the familiar and instead picked talents that would make a real difference.


Paul Henderson, VP Sales - United States

Nestle Professional Beverages

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