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Change how you hire and how you do business with John Harper

John Harper's toolbox of leadership and employee assessments will stop the hire-fire-hire-leave cycle, change the way you select talent, and help you build strong, focused leaders and dynamic teams that will propel your company forward. 


An accomplished People & Team Strategist, John conducts hundreds of psychometric assessments per year for long-term clients and a broad range of industries. Whether it’s hiring from outside, promoting from within, or developing real leaders to their full potential, he is a trusted advisor and an expert at reading an individual’s core traits and identifying high-performing talent and fit. The right person at the right desk - every time.


John has spent years training in the art and science of analyzing the intricate threads of personality and predicting human behaviour. He was a T.A.I.S. apprentice for many years working with mentors to understand how individuals react in day-to-day pressure situations, and why they behave the way they do.


John is a highly skilled, advanced, licensed practitioner for T.A.I.S., a certified Master Birkman consultant and an administrator of the entire Hogan suite of assessments. Recently he completed extensive and demanding training to become a licensed Korn Ferry 360 (Leadership Architect) practitioner.


Hire right.

Get back to business.

The wrong hiring process is time-consuming, disruptive and expensive. It’s time to stop the cycle so you can get back to the business of doing business. 

Hiring without John Harper and the tools and resources he provides is like removing one of your five senses. You miss critical pieces of information that can help you make better decisions. John Harper provides a true discipline to identify top talent. He always pulls you back to the core purpose. The patience and diligence of hiring is hard, and John enables the team to stay focused.

Emmanuelle Ave, Manager of HR

Nestle Professional Beverages

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