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Frequently Asked Questions about

John Harper

Is John Harper a recruiting company?

No, John Harper is not a recruiting company. However, John Harper works very effectively between the recruiting firm and the client group by filtering out candidates that are the wrong fit for the position.

We already have an HR department. Why would we hire John Harper?

John Harper supports the strategy of the HR department and can do much of the heavy lifting of identifying talent in and outside of the business. John serves as the background vehicle to the success of the HR leader’s strategy.

When is the best time to contact John Harper to analyze candidates?

It depends on the need, but in general, the best time to hire John Harper is:


  • When you are looking for the right person for a specific role, and you are down to the final three candidates,

  • When you are considering moving an internal colleague to the next level, but you aren’t sure that person has the potential and/or skills required for the new role, or

  • When you have a hard-working colleague that is challenged in delivering results.

Which employee assessment test is better?

John employs T.A.I.S . with every candidate. Beyond that, it depends on the situation that best suits the end goal.

How do people take the employee assessment test?

An invitation is sent to the candidate by email and the assessment is completed online. The assessment(s) can be completed on a computer, iPad/tablet or (in some cases) a smartphone.

How long does each assessment take to complete?

Each employee assessment test ranges from 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

How long does it take to get the results?

Results can be provided usually same day, or the following day at the latest.

Are the employee assessments useful for lower level roles?

Absolutely. A $40,000 per year employee that is wrongly hired is still time-consuming and expensive.

Are any of your assessments useful for team building?

Yes. Birkman and Hogan psychometric assessments are exceptional for creating dynamic teams. The data from each candidate can easily be aggregated to create a total personality of the group by identifying  powerful strengths, derailers, dysfunctions and growth opportunities.

Can these psychometric assessments be used for sales or technical roles?

The robust aspect of these psychometric assessments is that they can be used for virtually any role. The power of this process is not just the assessment itself, but rather John’s expert ability to interpret the environment, the job description, the data from the assessment, and the vision of the role.

Can young people take the assessment?

It can be a challenge with young people because they are unsure of their true understanding of “self”. Individuals that are 21 years or older are best suited for these employee assessments.

How is my data/are my results used? Are they shared with third parties?

Privacy is paramount and the data is not shared by third parties whatsoever.

If you have further questions, we would be happy to answer them.

Contact John Harper today.

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