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What clients are saying about John Harper

Building effective teams requires a mix of art and science with a dab of instinct. John’s structured approach (utilizing psychometric leading assessment tools like the Birkman, TAIS and Hogan), combined with his deep expertise in team dynamics and his eye for talent spotting has helped me immensely in building my “dream team.”  I do not make a move without consulting John, whether it be hiring or firing. He has taken the time to get to know me and my team and provides me with thought-provoking guidance when I need it most.  

Sonya Lockyer, CEO
Canadian Addiction Treatment Centres (CATC) 

Have you ever hired someone and then two or three months later you wondered if they were the same person you interviewed? I have, many times, until I met John Harper. The value John Harper has delivered to myself and my company is extensive. Not only does he save me tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating hiring the wrong person for the job, his guidance with getting the most out of all your people is hard to put a price on but it has paid off for us beyond our expectations.

As a result of utilizing John Harper Group, our company has seen healthy growth with great moral for the past eight years. We look forward to continuing our growth and working with John Harper indefinitely.

Mike Shasky, President
CW Shasky

Hiring without John Harper and the pre-employment skill tests and employee evaluations he provides is like removing one of your five senses. You miss critical pieces of information that can help you make a better decision. John Harper provides a true discipline to identify top talent – he always pulls you back to the core purpose. The patience and diligence of hiring is hard and he enables the team to stay focused. I’ve grown as an HR professional through the candid yet supporting feedback that was provided by John Harper and the assessments he conducted. He delivers a deep narrative that makes it easier to understand the hard data that assessments produce.

Emmanuelle Ave, Vice President of HR
Nestle Professional Beverages

Through John’s coaching, we have created a hiring process which allows us to analyze strengths and/or deficiencies of candidates through aptitude tests to ensure their personalities and drive meet the needs of the job responsibilities. John also has coached the leadership team how to identify traits and characteristics within our existing staff to energize growth and development. With John’s hands-on guidance, we have established regular leadership meetings which have significantly improved our internal communication and enhanced our culture with our directors working together to achieve company goals.

Dave Betz, President
Quick Dispense

I have worked with John Harper for almost 10 years, first with Purdue Pharma and then with WellSpring Pharma Services. John has been vital in evaluating and assessing potential candidates and current staff, lowering our risk in recruitment and improving the outcomes in development and performance management. At Purdue John was invaluable working directly with my team to improve our inter-action and performance. John is able to break down what is important along with the key understandings behind the science to provide clear and concise recommendations.

David Mayers, President
WellSpring Pharma Services

Putting myself and my team through the team development exercises opened the door to incredibly valuable conversation. The team gained a common language and we were able to give each other very difficult feedback without offending. And the feedback allowed the team to grow. Having an “outsider” at the table when you’re making a hiring decision really helped the business. We got away from the bias to pick the familiar, and instead picked talents that would make a difference.

Paul Henderson,Vice President Sales – United States
Nestle Professional Beverages

John provides the hiring advantage that is critical to success in today’s business world. In my opinion the number one quality in good leaders is their ability to understand emotional intelligence. Sounds easy but you need a professional like John to guide you through the process of assessment and even more importantly, individual growth. Using the Harper Group has clearly driven value to the top line and grew the bottom line by ensuring the right additions to our Team and strengthening the effectiveness of our current Team.

Dan Davies, President
Lou's Kitchen

John raised the level of talent and performance at Nestle Professional Beverages (North America).  His charter was to ensure that we had the “right people in the right places,” to develop personal growth plans for each leader and to improve the effectiveness of our teams. And the results were outstanding. What was invaluable to me was the discipline he implemented in our recruiting process including his personal participation in the interview process. These changes led to a step change in the quality of new hires without one mistake!

Gary Viljoen, President – North America
Nestle Professional Beverages

John brings a refreshing insight into how and why each of us acts and reacts so that we can better understand how our styles and traits impact those around us. While intuitively everyone should know who they are, having that independent perspective was central in helping develop our leadership team, how we work together and how we lead and mentor our own teams.

Karen Brown, Chief Administration Officer
City of Kenora

John’s intuitiveness and accuracy of information, as well as his former business leadership experience add significant value to our search and selection processes. He has also been a mentor to me while broadening my personal experience and utilization of the TAIS psychometric leadership assessment tool.


Bonnie Sullivan, Managing Director
Sullivan Search

John’s psychometric assessments were instrumental in helping the management team work more effectively together and helped break down communication barriers. Understanding different character traits had a very positive impact on identifying high potential employees.

Rudy Wytenburg, Senior Financial Sector Expert & Director

John provided an assessment of City Council strengths and growth opportunities. In the one on one and full day session he had a huge impact on making us understand our strengths, and how to improve our behaviours to function better as a team.

Mayor David Canfield
City of Kenora


John’s services are of great value to me and my organization. With John’s psychometric assessments and other development tools I find it helps guide me in making better decisions and helps with the ongoing development our team.

Frank Lopreiato, President
Shoeless Joe’s Limited

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